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General DiscussionWhat do you even do in the offlane anymore?

What do you even do in the offlane anymore? in General Discussion
Dark Hunter

    I haven't managed to win a single game playing offlane. I love playing it the most. However i just get shrekked in lane. Either i pick something tanky, they just pick MK, if i pick literally anything else they pick AM, every time. How do i even play against these heroes? Can't leave AM alone or he will be at your T3 with BF and manta at 25 mins. Mk just sits in lane and if you show your face he just beats you up harder than your dad after he got drunk again. Ideas?


      u pick pudga max ur pasive farm get ur 6 and kill stuff or u pick underlords outfarm every1 get aura/healing items and 5 man and win dotka

      or legion comander outlane every1 get blink bm and pick off retards until u strong to push

      honestly anything can work but u need pos4 not to be some dipshit zeus who just feeds

      obv pick hero that can rotate to jungle if lane becomes unbearable or rotate to other lanes and make presence there


        same shit you do in any other position in archon
        running around map like monkey


          don't fucking die?


            Slardar run at enemy safelane and whack his face.
            Underlord kit is just overpowered.
            Lycan take towers and creates space for the rest of your team.

            Natalie Sup'Portman

              If you don't think you can win the lane, then at least create as much chaos as you can, and get heroes that aren't as item dependant as others to have an impact. If you can fight and disrupt as much as possible, you might just cause rotations and cripple the farm of the carry, even though it causes some deaths on your behalf. If you then have the option to go jungle to catch up, even better. Underlord does this well, but I feel like he suffers against Slark, who is in nearly every game.

              Of course, getting Slardar, Underlord or sometimes LC (in my opinion he works well only with a decent pos 4) can just win you the lane outright.

              Honorable mention, timber and bristle. *Phantom Lancer hated that*

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                Go cut their waves and drag it to ur tower or pull the camp to ur wave
                Ur goal as offlaner is to create space for your cores so it's ok if u die sometimes but force 3 or 4 hero rotation
                In this patch pick slardar and with ur POS 4 just run at them or pick enchantress and rekt lane with ur q and w


                  "legion comander outlane every1 get blink bm and pick off retards until u strong to push"


                    You shit on enemy safe lane by picking Slardar or Ench lmao


                      ive had legion commander players with building dmg below duel dmg lmao


                        If i had to play offlane vs archon Mk or am every game i had like 110% Winrate

                        Sygma.Pride of Arrogance ~

                          ^Give us some tips bro please.
                          You ask for pos4 to get a purge to debuff his jingu buff ?
                          You stack up armor ?
                          What starting items do you advice to counter the 'autism OoV MK rightclick syndrom' ?

                          I'm not trolling, I'm really interested ^^

                          Dark Hunter

                            Thanks for the tips guys :) i'll give lc and slardar a try


                              Both heros get complelty raped by ench.


                                Try Magnus. It always work for me. But it's good if you can mastering some hero like Slardar or Centaur. Their stun skill pretty good to start a war on early game. So your cores (Mid and Safe) can farm...


                                  Both heros get complelty raped by ench.

                                  take this guy advice plz
                                  he touched 5k after 9k games
                                  he know what he is saying. i trust this guy more than anyone

                                  can i hire you as coach?


                                    i even had 6k after 5k games but whats the point of that?


                                      damn u getting old?


                                        nothing important
                                        i just really hate to play with sub 51% winrate players with high amount of games, i feel they are way below others (in same bracket) and way angrier. understandable tho :)

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                                          cringe asssuming it takes any skill to reach above 51% winrate

                                          even toxic fuck like me who throws 80% of his games manage to maintain 53% winrate


                                            ahahah 53% god w8 a second, his ranked (serious games) winrate is 49%
                                            OK BRUH!
                                            alongside that, i said < 51% with high amount of games. fucking brainless monkey

                                            but its fine, u managed to maintain 53% winrate =))). i love how low life retards like u trying to play with numbers to achieve some thing on paper :)


                                              nvm u just feed


                                                ahahaha u do realise retard ranked only came shit tons of time after the game was released and even then it was taken as a joke and noone played it for forever i mean its still shit and no1 takes it seriously for the most part tbh u wouldnt know it cuz ur 2k18 prod frag

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                                                  that was very related
                                                  did you just said u are playing this game from first days of it and you are not even divine trash?
                                                  oops we have manchild here with iq of cows
                                                  this year ranked winrate: 45%
                                                  this year total winrate: 43%


                                                    I aM +51wInRaTe LuL.
                                                    RaNkEd Is A jOkE, uNrAnKeD iS rEaL.

                                                    you have better winrate on ranked this year btw =))))))

                                                    Sygma.Pride of Arrogance ~

                                                      Filter on the current patch if you want some surprises :)


                                                        Na its Not like im getting old but i work 10 Hours + every day so im always super tired when i play dota. Also i have crippling depression and i play with 15 fps.


                                                          i just wrote in previous post that i deliberately throw 80% of my games yet this dipshit still thinks winrate is a valid measurment of anything in game where ur techniclly reliant on 4 other apes (like himself) in order to win :D the cringe from reading this degenerates garbage is beyond the level of my comprehension

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                                                            You are an evolved donkey arent you?
                                                            You throw 80% of your games? Ah i see. No life. Living in dota from wc3 and ruining games :(
                                                            I would do the same if i were disgusting manchild with 40 IQ.
                                                            But u said u have +51 winrate with "throwing games buddy" u cant just say i am below 50 this year bcz i throw games , it might be a little bit retarded :))))))

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                                                              пацан вали с афлейна ваще есле те ненравеца как тя унежают есле уж ришыл на афлайне хатац гатовся шо пятерка ванючая будит тя тыкац и гг вэпэ в чатек песац а так ваще брюмаста топ адин ваще папробуй 9к будиш топ челам


                                                                Anyway gl in ur stupid life where u cover your loses with "intentionally throwing" bullshit.
                                                                Nice excuse but not for smart ppl :)


                                                                  what if i told u the game doesnt change no matter if u win or lose its still the same game but i guess ur too dumb to understand



                                                                    yes indeed. playing with 1k mmr players who cant cast any spells is just as same as play with higher ranks

                                                                    SAME FUCKING GAME U DONKEY KOWARETA

                                                                    plz stop talking to me from now, you are my number 2 subhuman, i dont feel any need to responding subhumans!

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                                                                      1k mmr players who can't cast any spells

                                                                      yet in recent qualifiers even og managed to die few times vs guardian players and they did cast their spells while being 1k mmr

                                                                      u delusional dipshit

                                                                      vida loca

                                                                        imagine getting baited by kowareta every time lol


                                                                          what to do in off lane?

                                                                          Win it ofc.


                                                                            Offlane is easiest lane right now I would say. Unless you are really hard countered (tbh usually you are hard countered maybe 10% of the games in the offlanee), because people usually want to play traditional carries (PA, PL, AM, Slark), who are extremely weak in the lane and you can just kick them out, unless enemy trilane.

                                                                            Especially with Mars - I feel like maxing Q is rather ineffective - it provides better stun and some damage, but the CD reduction on maxed W is so sweet, because thanks to your E you can actually farm big camp as well. It ramps up with every small item you get - once you get phase+vladmir, you just farm superfast and you dont need any items for it - just manaregen.

                                                                            And I currently suck really badly mechanically (lasthitting in first 2 waves, using all hotkeys etc).

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                                                                            Her Ace ❤ | Doctor Doom-

                                                                              First off, you need to figure out in the first minute of the lane if your pos4 is useful there or not. If you're both getting zoned alot and he's not being able to do anything (keeping enemy pos5 away from you, zoning carry, pulling, disrupting enemy pulls, or even something just as simple as helping you survive), nicely tell him to help the safelane instead. I am a hardcore pos4 player and I can tell you your pos4 dictates most of how the offlane goes.

                                                                              If I'm playing something like a Pango or Windranger on offlane, who can easily kill anyone with a Javelin and level 6, I'd almost always ask my pos4 to let me solo (unless he's really zoning the carry in someway I wouldn't be able to, or we're getting kills) and after that I'd just survive till 6. Literally just survive.

                                                                              If I'm playing an offlaner with a stun, I think a good pos4 can just destroy the enemy carry's lane with a follow up stun or nuke (Mars, Slardar, paired up with Lina, Sky, Snapfire etc). Keep getting regen for yourself, don't be afraid to keep buying more regen as the lane progresses, always keep a magic stick and a faeire fire, focus the enemy support first if he's weaker (the carry will have to decide whether to leave creeps and help him or farm).

                                                                              If you're something like Legion or Slardar, just run at the enemy and be aggressive, you have to show them you're the stronger person. Dota is alot more psychological than mechanical. If you establish your dominance in the first few minutes (this applies strongly to the midlane but also offlane) by being aggressive everytime the carry goes for last hits, he would psychologically become scared to trade with you even if he would get more out of it.

                                                                              I am a super aggressive pos4 and I love aggressive offlaners. Sometimes though, if you're in a bad matchup and you know you can't trade well, you should drag enemy creeps at their T3 and farm with something like Axe or TP back so you get a huge wave under your tower (make sure they don't pull it, have their pull camp warded) or you can drag one wave between your T1 and T2 if its really hard.

                                                                              If you're playing vs MK, I'd say don't give him 4 stacks and trade with him when he comes for last hits so he has to decide between trading back or taking the last hit. After that, you can trade for 2 more direct hits, and then back off before he gets his 3rd stack on you. Abuse creep aggro so you can stay as far from him as you can. A buckler and a windlace + boots might help. Understand at which level, you'll be stronger than him and go aggressive on him, even if he gets full Jingu. Just don't have him stun both you and your pos4 with boundless strike after that, if its only you who gets stunned, he won't heal as much. Ask your pos4 to spam nukes on him or zone him out.

                                                                              If you're laning against AM, always keep mangos, magic stick and consider going soul ring. Hit level 2-3, spam all your nukes on him and then trade with him, you won't be afraid to lose your mana because you spent it yourself and u can use mangos/ soul ring when u really have to use them again. Realize when you have a power spike (level 3 is a power spike for heroes with nukes) and abuse that.

                                                                              Just remember, if the lane is hard, just SURVIVE, jungle a bit, wait for your power spike (level 6 on most heroes) and then smoke gank their midlaner as soon as you get your ultimate on something like Enigma, Pango, WR, LC, etc

                                                                              Hope this helps, Goodluck!!


                                                                                Divine 1 god with 7k games and 50.5% winrate writing essay to help others.
                                                                                Is that how u reach divine 1 after 7k games? I need to free some time and reading it then


                                                                                  Kowareta what is wrong with you,my autistic son
                                                                                  How long are you gonna try to cope with sarcasm + being a toxic piece of shit,it will get to you eventually
                                                                                  It's okay bro,relax


                                                                                    I said buddy in this thread before
                                                                                    I FUCKING HATE THESE ANIMALS
                                                                                    just lost my 10 winstreak on chen bcz of 2 premuted 7k game 50% winrate subhumans in my team
                                                                                    Somebody should remind these animals how pathetic they are.

                                                                                    Her Ace ❤ | Doctor Doom-

                                                                                      My ranked winrate is above 51%. The number of games played has no corelation with rank or winrate. It's funny how you actually believe playing more games means you're supposed to naturally get better, especially at a game like Dota. You can play 10000 games and it still doesn't matter if you're not actively trying to improve. Most of the process of improving happens outside the actual games, so there goes your matches played theory in the trash. But then again, I woudln't expect an intellectually inferior savage who barks at every thread he can find to know any better. Poor rabid dog, someone should put you out of your misery.

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                                                                                        The number of games played has no corelation with rank or winrate.
                                                                                        simple math :
                                                                                        your current rank = (2*winrate/100-1) * #matches * avg mmr gain per game + your starting rank

                                                                                        No CoRrElAtIoN pOgGiEs

                                                                                        i leave the rest as it is. no point arguing with real life retarded being. its ok buddy, i am "intellectually inferior" :)))))
                                                                                        happy for you with your superior intelligence that lead you be a divine 1 monkey after 5k fucking ranked games! thats pretty amazing

                                                                                        Bu yorum düzenlendi

                                                                                          divine 2 flaming a divine 1 player duh


                                                                                            ^i was flaming archons when i was archon, same go with when i was legend or anshit. they are still stuck at their dogshit mmr, arent they? stop pretending sir :)


                                                                                              just ignore kowareta and let him write to himself. This guy is sick and there are no reports to report him to mods to ban him. His 24/7 sitting in dotabuff forums and flaming/writing in every post. If your mom, dad, brother and sister, grandma, grandpa... and so on sees what you write here they'll be disappointed. How to stop troll? Ignore him/mute him.

                                                                                              Bu yorum düzenlendi

                                                                                                ignore me == ur not dogshit anymore

                                                                                                sad story my insecure dogshit for life beings


                                                                                                  Swear to god half of people who doesn't like the new changes is because Pudge offlane is no more that strong