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Im quitting, giving free items in General Discussion

    Just add this account and ill give away my items


    Reason: Focus on studies as new year's resolution




        can u receive something for me bro?cant online yet xd


          ok u do that


            Holy shit dude you are same retard like me when i was on college, you dont need to quit gaming to focus on your studies, you just need a healthy relationship with your responsibilities.

            When i was on college quiting gaming never did anything for me, those time i would spent on WoW/Dota i would just spend on youtube movies and just doing some random shit. Your problem is you have wrong perspective on studying, you think of it as a chore, like something you dont want to do but you have to do it anyway and that automaticaly triggers your defensive systems and you find it repulsive and you will do anything to avoid it, you cant trick your brain, he wont do something it doesnt want just because you said it, you need to discipline yourself not punish.

            First step is to see studying as a routine not a chore, like brushing your teeth, when you brush your teeth in the evening do you think to yourself ""oh man i gotta brush my teeth fuck..."" or you just do it? Just create a daily schedule and try to stick to it, eventually it will become routine and you will do it easier without thinking about it just like brushing teeth.


              dude above me is right

              A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                are you still giving away stuff


                  You don't have to quit dota if you like it. This will hurt you mentally since you'll regret it later. Forcing quits is never good. Just learn when to study and when to play video games and that's it. Balance the things. As my parents say: "If you studied as much as you play video games you will have good grades". Either balance the stuff or when you have important exams focus on 1 thing and after its finished enjoy your games. After all you are not going to study 24/7 right? Your brain needs rests, food, sleep, etc... Just do your things step by step and not all on once, because this is the thing that gets you the most.


                    Dont you guys think it's not the same for every person?
                    I quit dota on june last year to focus on finishing my degree.
                    >Best decision of my life.
                    >Finished it in only 3 months, graduated
                    shortly after.
                    >turns out i have so much free time without
                    >dont know what to do, so i started working out.
                    >felt better about myself overall.

                    I know, cliche, but thats what happen to me. Because lets be honest here this game is addictive. And just like drugs addiction, its a serious matter. So if you dont cut yourself from the game, you'd always find an excuse to play '1 more game'. If you can balance your time playing the game then good for you, but also there's tons of people out there that failed to do so and suffered from video game addiction.

                    TLDR; let OP quit the game. Maybe thats whats best for him.


                      You should quit tbh.
                      Real life is the best thing.

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                        Agreed with 2 ppl above me.
                        The real-life world is huge. Dota is just radiant and dire, and the size never changes. :D

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                          Yeah thats all cool boys, but point is if you dont really want to study and you find gaming to be a distraction, once you quit gaming your brain will just find other distractions, youtube/twitch/TV/Movies/gym/goingoutwithfriedns you name it.

                          If you really want to study and make it a priority then none of the things above wouldnt be a problem, thats why i said, instead of punishing yourself just work on your work ethic/discipline.

                          I had same problem in college, instead of studying i was playing video games until it became a problem, then i stopped gaming but i didnt miraculously became a better student i just did something else to run away from responsibilities, then i realized that gaming is not the problem, i was the problem and i started working from there.

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                            Really depends from person to person. Until now I still can't believe I graduated college since I played hardcore before.

                            Maybe I was carried by my classmates who were dean's listers :laugh:


                              You can workout play dota focus on studies sleep and have a decent social life
                              It all depends on how you manage time
                              If you can't manage time correctly then that's your problem not that you're addicted to Dota, I have a literal genius friend and this guy quit Dota just to replace it with the most boring student activities and mobile games...his issue is that he wastes time not that he plays Dota


                                ^^ I second this guy .