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    The excitement for new items and heroes was real a year or two ago, but now I can only imagine what confusing items they will come out with next, only to change it 3 months after because its OP or shit. My games are at a toxic to good ratio of 1:1. Meaning, I don't understand why I play this game anymore. I have gone back to some old school Brood War, but even that shit is toxic, and filled with jaja americans. I just turned 30, I think its time to release my soul from the toxic grind of staring at this blue light filled screen. I might not always play a masterful game, but at least I am calm and supportive, meanwhile more than half of this community just yells or flames you for dumb shit. Hey haters, try and chill out a bit k and not ruin gaming for me ok?


      Cry silence plx


        trying to communicate anywhere except divine or immortal is retarded in lower brackets. none of you all know what you're supposed to do, so you listen to some retard thinking he knows what to do, but he's just as dumb as the rest of you dogs. try shoving in waves, let your team feed, and let them blame you, but since you have all chat muted, they are talking to a brick wall. you don't reward ape behavior by acknowledging it. then, when they see you carry the game, they will realize how much better you are than them and will know their place.


          Honestly, quitting Dota will give more benefits


            Holy shit 30 years old .


              Cry silence plx


                R u just complaining on here cuz u got lp and need to vent?


                  just focus on yourself


                    Ok boomer


                      The game is not playable any more bc of toxic kids





                          It's good that you're communicative, but if possible just try to focus on yourself and what you can do to improve what you're doing.

                          If a game makes you unhappy, take a break for sure.


                            im 30 as well, I know exactly how you felt when you met some toxic kids out there. Even I'm playing with divine immortal, there are still some child who intentionally feed after few deaths.

                            I remembered one game, my team start flaming each other right at the drafting stage, one of them just went mid tower with courier afterwards and suicide, and the game ended that way. There is nothing you can do.

                            Imagine you needed one game to rank up, it feels really shitty, but there is nothing you could do.


                              I’m 36. It has nothing to do with your age. I play to release stress not to be more tilted. I’m stressed at work more than enough

                              I actually think the problem is with 4-5k rating. It’s a bunch of account buyers that went down by 1k and stuck with other account buyers. They are toxic, have no idea how to talk to people, and just purely miserable. I have no issues in 2.5-3k. People are mostly nice and I can play whatever heroes I want to play because people are generally not as tryhards. If you’re in 2k, you care less about some weirdo in you team than on pos 5 builds dagon.

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