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General DiscussionAnyone want to trade arcanas

Anyone want to trade arcanas in General Discussion
火 NïtePhuri 火-

    Anyone want to trade Jugg arcana for tb arcana(fine for any colour)
    Pls add me or u add me we can discuss

    Evil Feachairu

      i no wan

      Goku Black

        I will trade my jugg arcana for the new MK set HMU


          The new mk sets worth like 3 arcanas my friend


            Trading Zeus Arcana for Legion Arcana.
            Also Looking for Dazzle Set from First Cache and Warlock Set from Cache 2017

            火 NïtePhuri 火-

              Pls i really want tb arcana


                i can do it, i use that shit for bets anyways.
                tomorrow morning considering EU tz, today is the last day of trade restriction due to my authentificator relocation between devices.

                pablo memzobar

                  JUST EFFING BUY IT

                  火 NïtePhuri 火-

                    Can we do it on sunday cuz my jugg arcana can we tradeable by then @triplsteal?


                      I have an extra jugg arcana,i will trade,hit me up

                      火 NïtePhuri 火-

                        Sorry bro sold it to my friend for my money :(
                        I really am sorry for disturbing u