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How common is scripting? in General Discussion

    Was playing a game yesterday VS. a rubick in about 3k bracket and i swear to god everytime i casted ult on warlock Rubick stole and immediately casted it back, even if i had my slow shift queued... Haven't checked the replay yet but it just felt like something was off with him getting that steal everytime...

    Glimmer of Dawn

      Watch the replay and his perspective first


        Planning on it as soon as I get a chance. Don't think I've ever experienced that but it was throwing me off when it kept happening. Didn't think much of it cause we still won and then i saw a post on this forum about scripters...

        flourishing new leaf

          Very common sadly. Those people don't even get banned


            Stealing golem is no rocket science you know? Casting time is very long.

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            TAW | Snoopy

              It happens. I got "lucky" and had a Slark who was 2k and every fucking pounce was just perfect, even once after enemy Venge swap and shit. I reported him both ingame and on steam.

              Glimmer of Dawn

                Scripting does happen but just report them.

                When they get banned they’ll learn to stop.

                Enough of them get banned and the rate of scripting will drop.


                  imagine scripting and still being 3k lmfao


                    Scripting is a tough cookie for the game to detect. The game just gets input from the user client and all scripts are running on the customer side. The thing that makes it even harder is that there are some near super human reaction players playing this game, so if something happens in seemingly in an instant, it just could be that he has done it 500 times in the last 2 weeks and it is done without a second thought. So it seems like scripting. It is the number of commands in the sequence and the timing of all of them that makes it a script. If it is perfect 100% of the time and it has many commands, it is probably not legit action.

                    So it is not surprising at all, that Valve is having issues finding out the scripters and banning them.


                      I doubt there is a script for insta stealing golems and using them immediately right after. Come on.

                      Poeople use scrits for difficult combos like Sky or Tinker, not for a god damn Rubick. :D

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                      flourishing new leaf

                        It's not hard to spot. If you see the same command speed for the spells time and time again it's a giveaway for scripting. And valve has that data so it's not hard to counter and get them banned. They just don't.


                          Idk why would u need a script. I mean, a script doesnt auto-win u the game and it take away the feel of u 'playing' games which is pressing that button on keyboard at the right time

                          flourishing new leaf

                            It pretty much autowins you the game xD


                              hmm, he probably is just a good rubick player


                                @2k bracket it must be very common


                                  i always get reported for scripting despite it being me skilled