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General DiscussionQuick guide how to get 5k with no skill.

Quick guide how to get 5k with no skill. in General Discussion
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    1. 1st Pick ench
    2. Stack bracers
    3. Skill eqqeqr
    4. Press e every time your below 50%hp
    5. Buy agha + Pike and imagine you are sniper.

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    kyle (not raiding area 51)

      thanks im gunna do this

      kyle (not raiding area 51)

        how many bracers do u buy tho

        take me away

          2-3 if Lane is too hard 4


            theres lots of braindead things u can do to get high mmr


              @ywn tell us more


                @ywn Tell us!


                  Value point in w is must if u are doing sup tho .

                  красавчик 6

                    what is eqqeqr is??( Что такое eqqeear?)

                    take me away

                      ^its the skill points in the right order


                        isnt divine 2 like 4.8k mmr xd

                        T'ekaaluk (Feachairu #1 Fan)

                          I belive it is fucking disgusting no?

                          shut up goyim

                            thanks for tips for recalibrating boys

                            kyle (not raiding area 51)

                              haha meepo b00ster couldnt kill this enchant, nuts



                                "booster meepo" has 53% wr


                                  just pick VoId
                                  buy midas
                                  chrono 2-3 hero
                                  buy attack speed item
                                  join fight
                                  END GAME


                                    or just pick viper

                                    Just 4:00 a.m. things

                                      Yeah pretty much nobody counters her. Difficult to deal with at our bracket. I use lion finer and mana drains works fine but a good enchant always deals with it.

                                      T'ekaaluk (Feachairu #1 Fan)

                                        update: cant conform or deny it, enemy has tiny airlines. will try next match

                                        T'ekaaluk (Feachairu #1 Fan)

                                          more update: enemy tilted again, sigh maybe that's why ench so good


                                            Just pick jugg, he is late game lane carry you dufusses.

                                            kyle (not raiding area 51)

                                              ench wave clear is shit, how do you feel bout getting maelstorm after d.lance/pike?

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                                              kyle (not raiding area 51)

                                                just tested, mael procs on ult hahahaha

                                                T'ekaaluk (Feachairu #1 Fan)

                                                  Ench is absolute bonkers

                                                  take me away

                                                    Glad i could help

                                                    TAW | Snoopy

                                                      I believe you. I had to pick a pos 4 recently and remembered your post about ench. I bought Bracer, Treads and Rod of Atos so PA can't blink away. In the midgame literally every single time Atos came off cooldown we instantly killed a hero. Never got to Aghs or Pike cause we won so fast.

                                                      天手力 (Carry)

                                                        6 bracers and u become unkillable in lane