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General DiscussionLast pick is too strong

Last pick is too strong in General Discussion

    Something should be made to balance it. The advantage u get from it is too big tbh.

    Maybe both team should get the last pick (hero not showed until both team done pick). Even it mean two same heroes its ok.

    Any thoughts?


      Small indie company, too much of a hassle

      Ór Ymis Holdi

        then it would be RNG

        OpenAI Anti-Smurf

          then u have to do the same with 1st pick

          Goku Black

            No just make dire always get last pick.


              there no fair way of doing it unless you avoid people the ability to pick the same hero.


                Free mango to all but last pick


                  yeah give it to dire to boost that winrate. poor dire

                  Jack Attack

                    Dire should get last pick agreed


                      I actually shared a full rant about this on twitter the other day:

                      TL;DR - Having first pick is an insane disadvantage because the second pick team in most scenarios will be able to counter pick with their carry and their mid player, meaning their two highest impact heroes have favorable lanes.

                      take me away

                        Why would someone care about this, the advantage one could possible get from this is thrown away in like 99.5% of All games anyways.