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Worst heroes this patch? in General Discussion
A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

    Personally i feel the worst heroes this patch are zeus,mirana,wraith king,windranger,sniper,abaddon. I havent seen these heroes getting picked at all

    Do you have any other heroes that you feel should be avoided in this patch?

    Kotato, 62 yo

      bristle sucks


        you mean in professional scene or in pubs? In pubs WK is the #4 highest win rate, and a decently high pickrate too for example

        disciple of MIDAS HOVEN

          lycan and wk, maybe void

          (thank god)

          Potato Marshal

            Arc and OD feel bad, can't even remember the last time I saw a Brood.



              Thara Ak-Var

                ta i guess. i almost never see this hero win. feels like she is useless after 15 mins. also od. lycan is in no way bad.

                wtf jhin zhao

                  slark, ta


                    am .

                    disciple of MIDAS HOVEN

                      oh i forgot


                      disciple of MIDAS HOVEN

                        ta i guess. i almost never see this hero win. feels like she is useless after 15 mins. also od. lycan is in no way bad.

                        is he decent? i've hardly ever see him win games even in top spectated games where he goes with the cheese dominator necro bullshit and ends the game in min 15 or fails and doesn't do anything

                        CAESAR KING OF APES

                          TA, Arc, Storm, Abaddon, Slark are garbage. AM very situational. Rest are decent/good..


                            People saying ta sucks lmfao

                            Thara Ak-Var

                              lycan's winrate is insane. he is very good when picked by a guy who knows what he is doing


                                Medusa feel very bad after the talents nerf. She really need a lot of space and somehow it looks like towers are falling down quickly lately.

                                Otherwise as well tanky heroes who like extended fights - Axe, Bristle and DK feels somehow without a role - when I am picking for offlane I dont even consider them. Probably as well due to the meta of their counters - ursa, LS, viper. And usually there is 1 out of these three in the game.


                                  I agree Arc is probably the overall worst hero right now both across pubs and pro. Blood seeker is fairly garbage besides in low level games.


                                    void = auto lose


                                      I just played a game against a slark, he had 78 win streak and 95% winrate on slark

                                      Isaac Netero

                                        Magina and Bristleback


                                          Its anti mage. Mega garbage hero.


                                            lol zues ? im unbeatable with zues ( not this account )

                                            <--- Sexy and I know it

                                              Lycan nerfed so much so its xtreme. He is good if someone knows how exactly to play him. Otherwise he sucks big time


                                                Ta=win lane, lose game


                                                  Outworld Devorer is the worst. Look at his Winrate :

                                                  He has the worst Winrate ratio this month (40%), I think he has never been this weak

                                                  Bu yorum düzenlendi
                                                  20 fps player :)

                                                    abaddon, omni

                                                    old miC

                                                      why are ppl saying omni, wk or lycan are bad? all of them are really op atm (wk only in lower mmr tho)... lycan actually is the highest winrate hero in higher brackets of all heroes, omni really good offlaner in all skill levels. worst heroes of the patch are something like ta, bristle, abaddon, slark and puck

                                                      Bu yorum düzenlendi



                                                          @TAW | miC

                                                          lycan got high winrate because he didnt get picked that much even on higher bracket, so the only one playing him would be someone that knows how to, hence the high winrate. I played lycan in most patch, and i can guarantee you he's pretty shit right now.

                                                          10, 000 HOURS OF DOTA

                                                            then you don't know when to pick him. like you said,

                                                            "the only one playing him would be someone that knows how to"


                                                              Lycan is not shit, u people just rushing shit item like necromonicon. For 5300 gold u get shit stats and mediocre 2 creeps, while vlad, HotD, and armlet (with almost same cost) give u tons of aura, permanent big creep and u hit like a truck (100 attk dmg+(25+20 HotD aura+15 hellbear aura) AS)

                                                              No friend to play dota sadge

                                                                Krobelus is so shit right now, too much manacost while Exorcism now needs time to be fully deployed, coupled with massive CD, she feels so bad

                                                                No friend to play dota sadge

                                                                  Also, tiny now reverts back to the trashy tree grab and massive CD avalanche if not maxed, so his early game is wrecked so much, he doesnt even walk fast and now with Phaseboot and sangyash nerf, he is pretty trashy

                                                                  No friend to play dota sadge

                                                                    Lycan is actually pretty good, he is fastest at taking down tower and with just HOD necrominicon he can outclass many carry midgame and come online fast. He is also sustainable at laning with the extra armor.

                                                                    Also, he is one of the few heroes who can utilize nullifier bloodthorn combo well with his minions


                                                                      I really dont see why anyone should pick Omniknight. The heal is ok and the ulti is good but way too long cooldown to be effective. He is just a poor melee version of Oracle.


                                                                        I would also add Legion Commander, Abaddon and Silencer.

                                                                        I think there is better options for a offlane/carry than LC and Abaddon.

                                                                        Silencer is situational at best and when teams doesnt run a long cool down heavy lineup Silencer is kinda useless. Yes he can spam some harass in lane but he cant stun, he cant heal, he needs alot of items to not be a walking creep.
                                                                        (Sorry Potato the forums silencer spammer)


                                                                          I think you know what hero I would say.




                                                                              @Steve trevor

                                                                              >calling necrobook shit item on lycan



                                                                                all of this heros you guys talking about i've seen them in my recent games and they still win games if u r good enough with em

                                                                                old miC

                                                                                  @varjager omni is not a good support hero and i dont know if anyone has even tried playing it for a long time. Instead he has been an amazing offlane core for over a year now

                                                                                  Bu yorum düzenlendi
                                                                                  old miC

                                                                                    also, legion is good situationally, not the best hero but not even close to being the worst

                                                                                    No friend to play dota sadge

                                                                                      Omni new meta still hasnt get discovered yet, that's why it is shits.

                                                                                      His new repel grants 28 str, 25 hp regen, 50% stats resistance for 10 scnds, with a cd of 12 scnds at lvl 4. This theoritically looks really good but currently there is no one who can utilize this

                                                                                      deboost (fast)

                                                                                        Morphling in 4k

                                                                                        deboost (fast)

                                                                                          Omni + chen sounds ridiculous


                                                                                            Dunno why folks are hating on omni... My most played hero with a 60% winrate ... And some 90% of those were as a support either safelane or offlane. He's only weak till you get 2 points in purification after which he trades fairly well with most melees.

                                                                                            He's not necessarily a lane dominating support which imho is the main reason he is not picked much in this meta which very much emphasizes the laning stage. But you can always pair him with a strong laning core to balance off the first couple of levels... Just my 2 cents...


                                                                                              ^Any bad hero is good if you spam it lol


                                                                                                Actually his 2nd is the best skill now. 20 hp regen+28 str+status resistance for 12 at lvl4, with 14 scd cd. Wow, u can spam it forever and trade hits with their support without hp lost

                                                                                                Thats how u play boys:
                                                                                                322322331T111 (Forget ulti cuz it suck), spam 2nd to ur offlaner or urself. Trade hits with ur ridiculous 28 str n 20hp regen, buy aether lens, bunch of auras, win the game

                                                                                                @Steve trevor
                                                                                                >calling necrobook shit item on lycan

                                                                                                Yeah it shit item, u have a problem with that man?

                                                                                                Wasting 5300 gold for that shit item(20str, 1.75 mana regen, 2 mediocre summon)