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General DiscussionAlright anshits lemmi tell 10 things of u what ur doing wrong and it ...

Alright anshits lemmi tell 10 things of u what ur doing wrong and it potentially throws the game every time. in General Discussion

    1.Being shit at the laning phase/picking trash heroes will lose you the lane and the game. Only 1 lane is allowed to lose at all times. 2 lanes lost and u literally auto lose.

    2.bringing too many heroes to gank. Alright so you win your lane aight cool. If someone won their lane they only require 1-2 heroes to help them gank not 4 FUCKING HEROES THIS IS WHY I DO NOT LIKE TO GANK FOR MY TEAM. Also it’s like sun tzu says. Appear weak when you’re strong and strong when your weak. If I don’t gank the enemy wont know I’m uber farmed cuz they dumb af.

    3. Not defending towers on the same lane as a destroyed enemy tower. Ie if the enemy mid tower is dead you better defend your own t1 because it is really op for rosh and blocks a jungle access point.

    4. Not securing the FUCKING RUNES.

    5. Aegis not used properly, rushed high ground too fucking fast with no new item or it was a sneaky rosh but still you guys actually think ur stronger ffs.

    6. Showing in the map in the fucking same lane as your carry farming the fucking wave for no reason.

    7. Using the courier for DUMB SHIT like a FUCKING sideshow item.

    8. Not fucking pulling in lane for xp, not denying the ranged creep with spells.

    9. Buying aether lens over glimmer or force. Not buying urn.

    10. 5 man hiding in base. Or enemy 5 man hiding in base but you push anyways with no aegis instead of farming everything.



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      Jack Attack

        I'm so guilty of 7 in so many occasions.

        3 and 4 I am occasionally guilty of.

        Crimson Sky >1<

          Been thinking these things for so long. Here's my take as P1 @ NS level. :(

          1. Assuming my "support" doesn't aggressively feed or intentionally grief I nearly always win my lane.
          2. Same as you, I rarely gank unless it is near my farm area. At my level farming jungle / lanes is always better exp and gold than looking for fight.
          3. Guilty of this but I hate the stupid mid fights where it's a 5vs5 standoff basically waiting for first person to dive. Seems waste of exp / gold. Should communicate more to team mb.
          4. Always call it for team to do, try and make sure I am farming in area to get 1/2 at right moment.
          5. Guilty of this but hard to get 4 others co-ordinated to what my plan is.
          6. Please f off and go to other place on map if you see me farming waves in a safe area. At least put a ward.
          7. Please stop sending yourself boots to the sidelane when you can buy them there.. biggest trigger when I got 2 wraiths and a blades of attack waiting or trying to send out salves / mango. :(
          8. I beg supports to do this. 1/10 know at my level. I even try explain to no avail. The one game my guy did it I crushed. :(
          9. Lion rushing aghs, Lich rushing aghs, WD rushing aghs...... supports at my level just want aghs not even a blink :(
          10. Yep...
          11. Please just listen to me :(

          mentally exhausted

            @pick naix=shit player Professional puck player, 41% winrate :O; you do realize that venting in dota buff is not going to make your pub teammates play better, right ?

            One True Merchant

              I've learnt a lot from this. Thank you.




                  Or maybe you just could make it simple into one point:
                  1. Ancients are shit


                    Divine players are shit too, lol. If you're not top 100 you're basically trash

                    Marko Bulat

                      @pick naix=shit player Professional puck player, 41% winrate :O; you do realize that venting in dota buff is not going to make your pub teammates play better, right ?

                      First of all he is higher ranked show some respect! Second he is right and third, OPs threads are the best thing that ever happend! Maybe you should use his void guide and get your blue star, worked for OP!


                        what is 'anshits'?

                        Marko Bulat

                          ^Ancient shits ^^

                          New Hero OP

                            'First of all he is higher ranked show some respect!'
                            No i got divine and I'm retarded. OP likely has the derps as well.

                            mountains are merely moun...

                              you're divine 1 please go eat your dinner


                                Pretty good advice but this is stuff that ive observed derpvines do as well as anshits.

                                pop idle

                                  I'm giggling so much rn because I'm literally lose my last 3 games because my own pick and call

                                  PMA ( Positive Mental Att...

                                    precisely from herald to divine are shit except you are immortal top tier thats make a difference


                                      :) :) :) :) :)