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pls help report cancer player in General Discussion

    Please help us. Denounce slark players. He broke the game, throw, show the enemy position ward, block the path to the team, he feeds the enemy team. He said he was smurf. He doesn't care 25kmmr, he just wants to break the game for fun. Please erase those guys from dota. thank you Sorry my bad english
    match id: 4327560244

    mid only

      all you have to do is report them ingame..thats the purpose of low priority..all players are toxic one in a just have to report..


        The report system is broke af dude. You'll never get lp. Doesn't matter when you were feeding or anything. Lol has a better system, in which you can get banned for a little while (up to a week) I'm gonna see the match, I'll come back soon and look if this guy deserves a ban or not.


          OP, you suck and should be banned for posting like a little bitch here instead of dealing with problems