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General DiscussionLooking for 5 Heroes combo and can win tournaments!

Looking for 5 Heroes combo and can win tournaments! in General Discussion

    Hello, can you please suggest some hero combos that can win tournaments as the title say.

    Thank you in advance! :)


      4 cores and support juggernaut should do it jugg is 4th best healer in the game


        Are you serious? LOL

        May I know what kind of heroes you are thinking?


          Carry -> Ogre (he gets more out of the buff than teammates; early Agha = game winning)
          Mid -> AA (noone will expect the dmg from his chilling touch; needs levels)
          Offlane -> Shaker (obviously; initiator)
          Pos 4 -> Jugg (as mentioned best healer in the game)
          Wardbitch -> Chaos Knight (good stun & gold talent for EZ wards)



            joan elise


              That's the most retarded thing I've heard. CK as wardbitch? He can't even deward up cliffs because he's melee. Clinkz would be much better because he can use invis to get deep wards up in enemy territory, ranged for dewarding, can orbwalk harass in lane with searing arrows, and use invis to gank mid as early as level 3.


                I'm not sure if I should believe your suggestion but I will try to test it on rank games later. LOL

                Thank you guys!

                Yami Yugi

                  No seriously, don't listen to troll :D
                  Try Void (safe) Phoenix (safe) BS (Mid) Axe (Off) Warlock (Off)

                  if you wondering why, all the 5 heroes above has piercing BKB skills, 3 out of 4 allies can secure phoenix ult (all but BS).
                  I found it actually when my phoenix has Void in my team, I tend to win the game BIG time.

                  BS is replaceable in this list, with invoker (all of invoker skill set is refreshed if Phoenix with aghs took him in Supernova).

                  Plus, Invoker has combo wombo skill too


                    @ wait for me
                    But Clinkz has no stuns and the mediocre stun from Ogre does not secure kills in the early game. And with Clinkz u have 2 supports without stuns.

                    Otherwise u could go for these range heroes as pos 5 if u want to deward highground spots:
                    Drow: nice silence, orb walking slow can secure kills; bonus: gives your mid a dmg boost
                    Viper: nice slow and break
                    Gyro: nasty stun and low cd ult
                    Storm: stun, built-in blink at lvl 6, can easily farm small camps
                    Invoker: huuuuuge skill repertoire with stuns, slows and aoe dmg
                    OD: has some kind of "stun" and gives your team mana when spells are used
                    QoP: built-in blink at lvl 1, spammable slow

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                    oof ow ouchie

                      there are no "strats" u just draft comfort heroes
                      some decent combos are willow + any stun in lane

                      or just pick tb 4Head


                        go global strat! Works 50% time! :D

                        Jack Attack

                          I've been planning to try out enigma +1 offlane and lich +1 safelane. STARVE THE ENEMY OF XP.


                            Pos 1: Auntie mage, good mobility and is played as a playmaking carry
                            Pos 2, Dazzle, insane dps with mjolnir and gets early damage talent
                            Pos 3, PA, good spammable slow that crits, good pipe and crimson holder, cant be burst down by physical damage
                            Pos 4, Meepo/Lc/Axe, the jungler must be someone who can farm effectively
                            Pos 5, Sniper, insane day vision, good for warding, good nuke that cancels tp and a slow that has 3 charges, can also replace him with zeus for free dewards

                            5 Time WCW Champ

                              1 - Earth Spirit
                              2 - Spirit Breaker
                              3 - Vengeful Spirit
                              4 - Imba Spirit
                              5 - Storm Spirit


                                Try venomancer + undying

                                Basically any green heroes is annoying to some degree


                                  Try out push line up.

                                  WK (safe)
                                  Pugna (pos 4-5)
                                  Brood (mid)
                                  Axe (offlane to destroy enemy core farm)
                                  Pos 4-5 any u like (maybe Shadow shaman)

                                  Then just push so fucking hard all lanes