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Booster storm plays? in General Discussion
Your Team Mate

    Wanna see some profile or dotabuff of account or smurf boosting as storm, 850 gpm storm in 3k mmr I want to see it. Storm is not intuitive farmer.


      Fuck 3k games, look at the 5k, 6k+ games. If they can achieve it in games that tough against good opponents 3k should be the easiest place in the world to do it and better.

      Your Team Mate

        nah that just shows me the way to play against good players, I want to see how they abuse lower players, any booster/smurf gonna do things against low skill they can't do vs high skill, I want to see those things different people have come up with.


          Storm farms pretty fast dude. Just maybe not so much early
          On. But he snowballs so easily with kills 850 gpm shd be easy for boosters


            I love storm but I suck at it :( specially when people get bkb


              im no booster but i do have a test account(i call it) where if i wanna learn and try new heroes i play in that account first before playing in this account, example of storm game close to 800 gpm, thats me on storm, if i can do it, booster can easily do it, and im not even a mid player btw,the average mmr of that game is likely close to where you are now i think