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Predictions for 7.16 update in General Discussion
Press F to pick rubick

    * MoM: MS from 12% to 15%. Armor reduction from -8 to -7
    * Dblade: Cast range from 600 to 700. CD from 15 to 13
    * Glimmer bonus mag resist from 45% to 40%
    * Dragon lance agility and strength bonus from 12 to 15
    * Daedalus crit from 235% to 250%. Recipe cost from 1000 to 800
    * Armlet damage bounus from 31 to 35 and armor bonus from 4 to 5
    * Rod of atos duration from 2 to 3 and agility bounus from 6 to 10
    * Raindrops max dmg block from 120 to 100
    * Batrider, bs, bristle, centaur, chen clockwerk, drow, dazzle, earthshaker, earth spirit, LD, Necro, sven, weaver, tiny and puck buffs
    Write your predictions!


      if there was to be a raindrop chnge it would be a buf not a nerf


        Nerf to bounty runes


          nerf spectre

          Rubick Fanboy

            This kind of raindrop change is a buff and a nerf, it prevents certain low dmg abilities from breaking raindrop charges

            2 torbikut

              doom back to dumpster


                clinkz buff, 5 maning nerfs please ty

                Zechs Merquise

                  probably just remove PL from the game fuck that garbage hero


                    Bounty runes now spawned every 30 mins, 40 gold + the number of towers standing still

                    Lone Dog

                      Just give me a lone druid buff already thanks.

                      Zechs Merquise

                        Longe Dog made it to D4 grats Dog

                        ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ☾ᗩℝᏁჯᎿÎᎯ₦✌♫

                          More Na'Vi nerfs kappa. Helm nerf pls.

                          the drubbing giver

                            everytime this one individual writes anything i lose another brain cell. soon i will go down to his level.


                              We want item that can steal enemy spell

                              Tu tayta

                                As long as the Osfrog stops nerfing Dark waifu (directly or indirectly), I don't care about anything else.

                                Abyss Watcher

                                  Buff chen pls :(

                                  AOZAKI AOKO

                                    clinkz buff, 5 maning nerfs please ty

                                    hang yourself

                                    the drubbing giver

                                      guess who just lost to clinkz :thinking:


                                        clinkz is fukni op


                                          Why would bristleback need a buff. They should increase the number of bans you have to two so I can ban both CK and bristleback.


                                            Bristle buff? Are you kidding me?


                                              Pangolier buffed indirectly

                                              I WUV YOU SHO MUCH ❤

                                                Phoenix buff
                                                Give birds ms slow

                                                Bu yorum düzenlendi

                                                  the things that need to be nerfed, is blademail, and the massive HP difference between str and agility... any str hero with a blademail is a walking kill machine now. 7 years they can't balance a game and keep it there, the concepts aren't that hard to understand.. the reason Spectre is so high in winrate is because spectre is the agi carrry with the most HP and while also having a passive that gives huge dmg.


                                                    *Small nerfs (heroes): Io, Lycan, NS, DK, Doom, Lesh, Kunkka, DP, Axe, and Gyro

                                                    *Vlads rework or moderate buff (+6 armor and +20% lifesteal/damage)

                                                    *Small buff to armlet and echo saber

                                                    *Buffs to all unpopular heroes in competitive -- too many to name.

                                                    Either this or we are just going to get a talent makeover patch. Honestly hoping for a talent tweak patch since we haven't had one in awhile -- just go through and do a pass on most hero talents, buff the mega unpopular/bad ones to make certain tiers more competitive for most heroes irrespective of overall hero balance.


                                                      dota plus from 4$ to 7$

                                                      Steve Trevor

                                                        Did everybody forgot about ursa?

                                                        Well that bear need buff, ez to kite, no mobility, no damage at late, trash talent, trash ulti,etc


                                                          Clearly spec and Zeus need nerfs regardless of professional viability. Having heroes pushing 60% win rate isn’t great.


                                                            *Mekansm now gives
                                                            +8 Strength
                                                            +0 Agility
                                                            +7 Intelligence
                                                            +6 Armor
                                                            Active-Heals 325 health and gives +3 armor to allied units in a 900 radius.
                                                            Manacost 150

                                                            *Bottle from 100/50 to 120/80 hp/mana replenish

                                                            *New mechanic called pockets give extra inventory slot for wards and dust

                                                            *Helm of Dominator is now upgrade-able with aeon disk and receipt.
                                                            Can control Ancient creep.
                                                            Total cost 5500.

                                                            *Shadow Blade cooldown increased from 28 to 50
                                                            Manacost 100

                                                            *Nerf Windranger,Zeus,Spectra


                                                              Extra inventory slot but if u die you will drop item inside that slot.


                                                                Good idea

                                                                Fairtrade bio premium banane

                                                                  I'm waiting for the patch where pipe finally gets+5 all stats, cuz currently you lose +2 if you upgrade headress, it rly fucking triggers me.




                                                                      The tidebringer nerf to kunkka is to be expected, or maybe a nerf to his 25 talent. Also PL will probably get nerfed a little.


                                                                        Shadowblade CD increase from 28 to 50 is unrealistic, even an increase from 28 to 35 is a massive nerf to shadowblade because generally people hardly uses all the duration of invisibility.
                                                                        Also one of the reason why 22 scnds CD on silver edge is very good compared to SB.


                                                                          REMOVE TECHIES FOR GODSAKE, thats all :)


                                                                            techies is one of the oldest hero existed in Dota, u cant just remove him just because someone doesnt like it.

                                                                            ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                                                                              Buff heroes i like 😊 nerf heroes i don't like
                                                                              Alchemist cleave talent from 30 to 50% 25as one to 50 health regen talent 30 to 46

                                                                              BS 14% rapture talent to rapture provides full thirst bonus for it's duration bloodrite cd reduction to 50%life steal from bloodrage

                                                                              Necro lvl 20 80 as talent to -1 death pulse 20% magic resist to ghost shrud reduces magic resist 25 talent -1.5 death pulse to 0.6 reapers scythe damage per missing health

                                                                              Bu yorum düzenlendi

                                                                                nerf the fuckign wisp already


                                                                                  definetly buff phoenix,shadow demon and necro


                                                                                    Why kunkka need nerf? He got nerfed in 7.13 (?)

                                                                                    Big Chungus

                                                                                      Fine nerf wisp but give old spirits back

                                                                                      bad juju

                                                                                        nerf necro


                                                                                          Rerolling back to pre- 7.00
                                                                                          Dota is playable again


                                                                                            Please dont nerf zeus. Dont nerf clarity and smoke and tango.