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bad romance

    So i quitted my football training from april 2017 last year and fucked up my high school grades so i can play dota,now i suddenly realized what have i done with my life because of dota and im full of regrets,1 year later i realize what had i done,quiting my whole life for dota,i had few bad days irl and instead taking break or something,i started playing dota.1 year later,i realize im addicted,been depressed and suicldal since i started playing 10+ hours a day.Have 5-6 smurfs,and like 4k hours.Now high school ends in 2 days and im full of regrets.idk if anyone cares,but just wanted to vent.Dota fucked up my life,take care,this addiction is too strong.Havent played much 3 days,started hanging out with my friends and i feel better.Used to skip alot of classes and instead of hanging out i would go straight home and play dota.Ty for reading,take care of your irl life,its too precious to waste it for dota,there is time for everything.

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    bad romance

      Good at dota=life ruined.Not worth it

      rain markcawat

        Ancient 3 is good at dota?

        bad romance

          its smurf,and thats not the point of this post anyway

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            It could definitely ruin life to some kids.Its about you not about Dota,you do what you want.


              Dota 2 isn't the problem, your problem is addiction.
              The thing with addiction is that it can't be cured, it can just be substituted with another one. My advice would be reading as your new addiction, but I know that reading has a really bad connotation to it even tho a lot of people know that it would fix a lot of their problems.

              I know you won't take the advice so go bitch and moan while trapped in your addiction further, you deserve it if you don't take that advice and I actually mean it.

              bad romance

                yeah man i deserve it.I was addicted to football when i used to train 24/7,but atleast i wasnt depressed,only anxious and shaky sometimes,now dota took my life completely.I will try to break this connection,but i've wasted my crucial teen years already

                bad romance

         this describes me like 9/10.As soon i got tired of football,i switched to new addiction so i dont cope with life,like some self defensive mechanism

                  Zechs Merquise

                    Hey man. I read your post. Dont be so hard on yourself. I have spent a lot of my earlier years playing Dota as well. Sometimes to a point liek you where it seems to be the only thing in your life that you care about.

                    Try to look at the bigger picture. You havent wasted your early years at all. In fact you seem to be really skilled at the game and if you are also a football player then you are a pretty unique person to be athletic and tech savvy/solid gamer. You should look at that as a positive, as for football, its probably good that you stopped spending so much time doing it, there isnt much to gain from football in the long term.

                    You need to not look back with regrets and rather look forward. You are entering into a whole new chapter of your life and that is exciting. Fuck highschool, everyone will forget about that in the next couple years and the people who dont forget about High School are the ones who were cool and popular back then and now have nothing going for them so they need to look back at their "glory" days.

                    Your glory days are ahead of you my friend not behind you. I have a very addicitive personality so i can relate and admit it can be very hard to deal with. Try to get more than one hobby, even if it is another video game. When I stopped spending all my time playing DOTA and played some PUBG games in between dota to cool off and rest I noticed my MMR started to go up even more and I enjoyed the game much more as well.

                    I appreciate you writing an authentic post and hope you are dealing with too much pain, There are people out here who care and can relate. Even if weve never met.

                    Good luck to you and keep your Head Up. Hope this reaches you

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                      Same story but only i was in the path of footballing career before a ligament injury makes me should bury my dream at the last year of the high school, then dota became my escaping monkas

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                        Rubick Fanboy

                          get help
                          srsly tho
                          no point talking to us randos, talk to ur close friends/parents


                            Your Problem is that your not facing your own lack of contentment with the passing of time and waiting. Inside of you is potential to be something and do something with your life, but it takes time to get there, and that time in life is aggrevating because it is not rewarding and must be endured. Instead of enduring and finding contentment your going into dota 2 where you can achieve satisfaction of realizing your inner potential. Your using dota 2 to get a small fix of the satisfaction of who you are now, rather than striving to become it.

                            Your intelligent and capable, Winning in Dota 2 is a reward for being smart and capable, But you have to realize how to pass through the moments when you don't feel great, simply because your not doing something that reflects what your capable of back to you. When you win and crush people at dota, its like a mirror showing you that your awesome and powerful, and your addicted to the pursuit of a fake image in a fake mirror. to get out of addiction, you must set your eyes on what you want to become, what you can become, and believe in it. It is doubt and fear in your soul that tells you you cannot succeed that drives you to seek satisfaction to your inner identity problem through addictive habits.


                              One year of your life is nothing and it is a lesson well-learnt that you can recognise a flaw in your personality. Quit dota and use that obsessive personality to get your life back on track.

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                                bad romance

                                  @rocket but it was my seniour year in high school,i missed so much important moments that will haunt me forever i think.Im done with dota,only playing for fun now ocassionaly


                                    I ruined (partially) high school too. Only 1.4k hrs though. Been away for DotA for like a year..
                                    Will get back again lyef is shit. Done with Animu and stuff.


                                      Play with friends or don't play at all!
                                      You'll enjoy DotA!


                                        Yea the problem is you. Hope you realise that. Hope you get help for your problems as well. Don't blame the game
                                        Though cuz that's the wrong approach.


                                          same here. quit my job 1 month ago to play dota. right now im living off my saving and dont care about anything.

                                          when will I stop? hopefull starting next week. I know I am going to look back and be sad about what im doing now.

                                          Yea it was just 1 month and not a whole year but still, I get you.

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                                            ^ it's ok Brother. It only gets better from rock bottom


                                              When u play doto for +10 hours,its your own fucking fault.not the game.stick to your life and play for fun


                                                You are an addictive person, because you most likley lack healthy bonds and relationships. One year of your life is nothing. You are young, you can fix it.



                                                  @bad romance

                                                  The Dota community isn't exactly known for being understanding or sympathetic about anything, but I think there are some valuable comments here (and some unhelpful ones too). Speaking as someone else with quite an obsessive/addictive personality, there are some pragmatic things you can do. First of all, admitting an addiction is an important step. Do speak to someone in real life - a parent, friend, relative, whoever - someone you trust. Help them to understand the challenges you're facing.

                                                  Consider getting a piece of software like Cold Turkey. I use the premium version (it's really not expensive), but there's a free version too. You can tell it to block access to certain websites or software according to a schedule you set. You can get it to block Steam past a certain hour (if you're prone to playing late into the night), for example. Cold Turkey is a pain in the arse to uninstall, which is a good thing, which means changing your schedule after you've set it is difficult. Use with caution, but it will prevent you from playing an excessive amount. Alternatively, get a trusted person to change your Steam password and withhold it from you, which means you can't play games without them. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

                                                  Make a rule for yourself that you'll only play Dota with friends. Your games will be more fun anyway because it's a (semi) social experience and you're not going to get furious about strangers not cooperating with you in random pubs. Talk to your friends and be accountable to them.

                                                  Replace Dota with something else. We should all lead a balanced lifestyle and excessive sitting down (which gaming is) is unhealthy. You're into sports, and while injuries may prevent you from playing football, what else could you do instead? Swimming and cycling could be good as they're lower-impact but still great exercise. Just get out of the house and do something - a walk in the woods can do wonders.

                                                  Eat healthily. Excessive gaming probably means you've not got the healthiest diet either. Stop eating junk food and ready meals. If you drink, reduce your alcohol consumption (or stop entirely).

                                                  Dota is addictive and stressful. It's a game that requires immense concentration and time investment. Most of us play for fun, but still, losing doesn't feel good. If you're feeling suicidal, you NEED to talk to someone about it. I don't know where you live, but there will be organisations you can talk to anonymously. Here in the UK we have charities like Mind and the Samaritans, for instance. You can also go to the doctor and see what options there are. You could get medication and/or get some kind of therapy.

                                                  Depression is a horrible illness (and illness is the right word) and it needs to be treated like one. I've struggled with it since I was in school (in my 20s now) and I take it seriously because I've screwed up countless opportunities and relationships because of it, like you wouldn't believe. I've benefited a lot from having cognitive behavioural therapy and it really can help some people. Dota and depression do not mix. Depression will make you play worse, which will make you lose more, exacerbating the problem.

                                                  Dota hasn't fucked up your life though. It may have set you back a bit and it may mean you've got some hard work ahead of you, but you're young and have plenty of time. Ask yourself what you want to achieve in life and set yourself objectives. If you need better grades, see if you can do some retakes or repeat a year. If they won't let you, look at doing evening classes. There are always options. Set aside some time and do this - write these things down.

                                                  Ultimately though, do speak to someone you trust about it.

                                                  Well done for posting something and acknowledging the problem.

                                                  Mom i Miss You

                                                    Bad romance. Please dont tell us you gained weight and became obesse just like the manager of Team Secret


                                                      Can you cure an addictive personality or do you just have to displace a bad addiction with a more positive one?


                                                        dota is a bad addiction?


                                                          Of course it is.