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General DiscussionPls help me get to Very High Skill.

Pls help me get to Very High Skill. in General Discussion

    These are some of my match data...
    So... Can anyone pls tell me what i need to improve on to get to VHS?? I haven't started calibrating yet coz' i don't want a low starting MMR..


      farm whole game, u dont need to win.

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        Learn your hero's skill builds. You're not supposed to get your first level of fiery souls at 11, and you're not suppose to max arrow on Mirana by 7. Just follow the skill builds everybody else goes for until you're better.


          My main question is how to get to high skill or VHS. if i follow normal skill builds will that help? Also... One of the games,, i used invo and got high skill... Then i played Mirana and checked my stats and my invo match went back to normal.. What is going on? I compared with some other ppl and my KDA isnt 'that bad' at least for me... And yet i still get normal skill..

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            You get to a higher skill bracket by improving. I showed you one way you could easily improve. You don't need exceptionally good mechanics, decision-making, or communication to reach high skill. Just keep improving little by little.


              have a good winrate good kda then u got ur high skill.... simple

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              Mayushii desu!

                People don't realize how much of a difference a small thing can make, but the thing is, dota is often a snowball heavy game, meaning that small misplays in the early game can cost you the game. Imagine you have a trilane with 3 heroes that stun, and you stack stuns, so the offlaner leaves, while you keep sapping your carry's exp. You don't think this honestly matters that much in the long run, but it does. What if that offlaner is a nyx that can't wait to fuck over your necro or OD? What if he could have been level 3 at 8 minutes (or possibly forced to roam and give your carry a free lane while you two supports can fuck off to do whatever on the map), but since you did nothing to really threaten him as a support duo, he is instead level 6-7 and can freely rotate to any lane to get a kill?

                And this is just stun stacking, which seems like something people do really often in low MMR. Hell, even slow stacking can be bad if you don't realize there are limits to how much you can slow heroes (and that it doesn't matter if someone is slowed if they are also stunned). Last Lich game I played, we killed solo offlane underlord every time he'd get to about 70-80% hp because I would slow him, sven would stun him, then I would slow him again while we are both hitting him. The only way he dies in that lane is if we take some HP beforehand, and then I use two frostblasts to slow him down enough for sven and me to ht him enough. One frostblast and stun, not enough, two frost blasts and no stun, not enough. I have to watch my carry's mana as well before committing. And then when hitting the underlord, if I want to deal as much damage as I can as a ranged hero in particular, I should attack walk so that he is most often in my range. Also I brought salves to myself to heal sven since he was close to his morbid mask and I didn't want him to spend gold on salves just to be able to farm the lane. And also the only way we kill this underlord (since we have to chase him back to his tower to kill him) is if the lane is pushed out in our favor (which it will be since he pushes it, but I also eat ranged creeps). This lane was really easy, but it could have been lost if both me and sven made "small" decisions that would fuck it up.

                If I had decided to take a level of ice armor at lvl 3 or 4 I would neither have mana for frost blasts, nor frost blasts that were potent enough, and my levels would be slower. Skipping armor in that lane was the right call, but in some other game it can be a misplay.

                Those are all "small things" and they not only add up, they change the outcome of this game completely. My Sven could've had 10 minute treads, he had 3 minute treads. Sven is really kind of bad against underlord in lane, if his support can't help him.

                And this is all from a bad support player's perspective, I am by no means a good support player (or a good player in general), but I can see how much worse that lane could have gone with some pretty slight misplays.

                TL;DR: Small things in dota add up to won/lost lanes, snowballing of a hero in question (or the lane opponent if you fuck it up), etc. Never think that something has low importance until you can completely grasp all implications of what happens.

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                  I was under the impression that the 'very high skill' and the like were associated with the type of game that you played.

                  The higher the MMR, the matches just display as 'very high skill' and if you tend to play more normals where the MMR average is lower, than it would just show 'normal skill'.

                  I didn't know that it was something that needed a lot of weight on.


                    I cant even tell how much id shit on myself playing vs ns me. Just get some knowledge you don't get magically better at the game you need to acknowledge what better players do and WHY and mimic it.
                    The think is you will be climbing if you get better so just go watch some coaching sessions or analyze some replays that's how you get VHS. Disclaimer - vhs still sucks only difference is it's harder to stop lane than ns and you can kind of expect people to land their abilities

                    Hei Hei

                      Nobody can help you get there but yourself, also you won't get VHS.


                        Very High Skill bracket means very little in a vacuum. All it means is that the average mmr of the players in the game is greater than 3,900.

                        So sure, the level of skill is higher in than High or Normal Skill, but not by some sort of incomprehensible quantity.

                        Skill is relative. Compared to a 2k, a 4k player is godly. Compared to a 6k, a 4k player is an easy win.

                        If I play solo ranked, all of my games are Very High Skill. This does not exempt people, (including me,) from playing stupidly and throwing, or from having inflated egos and intentionally feeding once someone makes them butthurt. These things exist in all levels of play.

                        If I play with some of my weaker irl friends, the bracket typically drops to High Skill, but sometimes it goes to Normal Skill as well. I've played like shit in both, nothing except your own skill and mindset can prevent you from being a shitter.

                        tl;dr, we're all shitters, but being shit is relative.

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                        B o u r g e o i s i e

                          what is this obsession with very high skill tags. what are you 12 year olds fighting for recognition. Just play the game smh.


                            Ill tell you what everyone tells me.... "git gud noob"
                            thats the answer bro. I got good so im VHS now. Good luck to you.

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                              i'd say VHS is not even VHS, 3.7k mmr is pretty shit at the game

                              VHS should be moved up to 5k

                              Mlada i Luda

                                @believe... good point bro. kids nowdays lul.

                                as cuki say after all vhs its more like very shity skill.

                                mechanical feel kb

                                  People still trying to help the wrong person I see