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how to fight low gpm players who wants mid in General Discussion

    how to fight low gpm players who wants mid, i usaly check them at dotabuff most of them are under 50% winrate that means they decreasing mmr not growing= no mid for sure, i recently start pick tiny to toss them in enemy at mid


      nice joke


        not a joke


          ure a moron


            but like last game i had 35% winrate invoker the game lost anyways so i give a good nice lesson

            meteor hammer

              intentionally feeding your allies is a sure way to win games


                can somebady answer my question please

                meteor hammer

                  by not being 2k mmr


                    higest part of dota is 2-3k ur comment is invalid


                      Make sure you have 500+ GPM in your profile and when the 250-350 GPM players marks mid you say

                      ''lol no dude u are ~300 gpm and apparently you're a mid player? Maybe support is better for u I'm 500+ gpm I'm going mid''

                      usually what will happen is that the 300 gpm player will understand someone is better than him and leave to other lane or your teammates will say to the 300 gpm player that u are better and u should go mid OR worst case scenario he still wants to go mid no matter what.


                        the worst part is that whenever they ping mid they no matter whta gpm they sai"im first" as it show that i was firt i think it show us both that we were first so... maybe need super fast pc but that stupid logic of whos first pings mid gets it works for noobs only but yea i ussaly have 500+ gpm rarely 600 and 600+ xpm and up

                        Dota machanic

                          What a low skill player


                            gpm means jack shit


                              First pick


                                @Triplesteal it does and it doesn't at the same time.

                                It's 11:27 PM now I really don't want to write a fully life story why it does and doesn't but I think you should understand me.


                                  Why a 300gpm player has the same mmr with you 500+gpm is the question.
                                  Answer: because you sucks.


                                    but like last game i had 35% winrate invoker the game lost anyways so i give a good nice lesson

                                    You have sub 50% winrate as invoker too :/


                                      I once had a guy in a 4.5k game who said the following:

                                      "Alright guys. Here's the deal. I'm a 6.5K smurf. I'm boosting this account for a friend. We'll have a high chance of winning if I play a core of my choosing"

                                      And it worked. He picked broodmother and it was over soon.

                                      I've also had games where I said the same and before I was done talking some idiot said "I don't care I'm picking LC".

                                      So yea...

                                      Let Me Commit Suicide

                                        Hmmm.... Someone in ranked thag played supports once want to play mid.

                                        And then you came and feeding. Hmmmm. I wonder who the cancer is

                                        i<3BMS(rhymtm gamer)!!

                                          higest part of dota is 2-3k ur comment is invalid

                                          The fuck, is this an actual argument


                                            gpm profile does mean something

                                            i had 2 games in row ally PA who had 310 gpm profile and had 2 items in 60 min and 200 lasthits fucking 2 games in row !!!!

                                            and everytime my carry or mid have 300 gpm profile i lose


                                              So if I spam lich, suddenly I can't play mid/safelane anymore because my avg gpm will be around 350?

                                              Nice joke. No, fuck you. I don't care about anyone's GPM, just whether they can win the lane or not, and if they are similarly mmr'd as I am, I trust that they have a similar chance to do it.


                                                ps :my current summary is almost 500 playing offlane and roam suport !!!!! fuck u 3k shitstains !!!!

                                                Dota machanic

                                                  I had to support a 5.9k am in my game ( not sure why he got into my solo only que while I’m mid 3k.)
                                                  Ended up supporting and the guy was horrible. My sub 4k mid teamate who the 5k dogshit player flames ended up carrying the game.
                                                  Stop assuming things


                                                    You're Normal Skill anyway, you should have at least 500gpm as a support focused on supporting anyway.

                                                    i<3BMS(rhymtm gamer)!!

                                                      Fx had like 600-750 gpm avg on his graph and he's still a moron

                                                      ME VS THE WORLD. I WIN.

                                                        This is the most stupid argument ever. What if someone is not just a dick & plays all roles? It's hard to have 500+ gpm when you don't play carry/mid in every game. There was a time when I had 630 avg gpm & there was a time when it was below 400. GPM means nothing. Not to mention that someone recently posted the score of his avg gpm (close to 700, he was still losing a lot because he did nth in his games, just afk farmed), does it mean he is a great player? I personally use GPM as one of the arguments for mid when I really want it (& I do because I'm 1.5k over the current bracke + I practice Arc Wardent) & it works in 90% of cases (it's v. rare for someone to have higher than me).

                                                        Bu yorum düzenlendi

                                                          You're Normal Skill anyway, you should have at least 500gpm as a support focused on supporting anyway.

                                                          > barely 4k
                                                          > 48.73% wr 350 avg gpm on supports
                                                          > buys greedy ass items most of the time
                                                          > assumes a player playing in his own skill bracket should average 500 gpm as a support, while he can't do it himself
                                                          > lectures others on how to play support
                                                          > seemslegit

                                                          I mean, I am a trash support player (and trash in general), but I won't tell people they should have stats that are way above average in the bracket where they play against people of similar skill level. I know I can't do that, I know you can't do that and I am sure as hell most people can't do that. Why? Because then they would not be in that bracket.

                                                          Bu yorum düzenlendi

                                                            Invent more numbers pls


                                                              You're right, I lied, I said you have avg 350 GPM as a support, but it's 347. My bad.


                                                                Bro pick offlane, nobody wants it, win the lane, rape their safelane carry then the mid will hopefully not matter as much.
                                                                Otherwise your tilting and losing on purpose. I troll cuz i dont give a crap but it seems like you do, so play hard my nigga.


                                                                  Dude i thought only sea have fuggets like op lmAO

                                                                  "what you only have 400 gpm and u want to play core?"


                                                                  "You are level x and you still xxxx mmr"?

                                                                  This one is a facken classic


                                                                    i dont think anyone realizes that the gpm and xpm displayed on your profile is only calculated from the previous 20 games played. it is NOT your overall stats from when the account was created. so in other words if someone has played mostly support recently then their stats will be lower than someone who has played mostly a core role recently.


                                                                      Then play other role if mid is already taken, no need to be an ass about it and compare stats and shit.


                                                                        Ohhhh is skipped read all the other comments and now that I read them I conclude OP is either a F*G or a f*g.

                                                                        JOLLY GREEN GIANT

                                                                          you will drop to 1k soon and stay there forever


                                                                            52% wr 2k pro teachin us

                                                                            no time for losers

                                                                              I am support player with low gpm and you are 2400 mmr. Do you think any chance for you to be a better player than me? Tiny tossers, Furion feed tp players will be in a Low Prio for good. Bad luck, Have cancer in your low priority.


                                                                                45% winrate invoker on 2k?
                                                                                I won invoker games on 2k by using only Tornado and ghostwalk, and im Not even an invoker Player at all.


                                                                                  OP is a retard. End of story.

                                                                                  Potato Marshal

                                                                                    Mark mid faster next time.


                                                                                      @Potato Marshal doesnt work that way , even if you mark the lane first people will still gonna pick mid heroes if you didnt pick first


                                                                                        im usually play as supp and on my dota profile show that i have low gpm but i can play mid really well in my bracket how about that..monkaS

                                                                                        JOLLY GREEN GIANT

                                                                                          i also have low gpm because i play roamers

                                                                                          i play alch, necro and viper mid.

                                                                                          100%, 100% and 70% winrate how come that


                                                                                            If you willing to destroy some brain cells, read the whole posts lol
                                                                                            Does GPM really matter anyway? No, NO it doesn't.
                                                                                            It shows your recent(20) games' stats, in which a player might have picked heroes like Dazzle or IO who dont have a lot of farm which will result in lower GPM.
                                                                                            I usually insta-mute players who argue about me playing cores, using GPM arguments

                                                                                            Happiness is strong thing.

                                                                                              Ur moron. Mmr matters not gpm.

                                                                                              ЭТО ГГ

                                                                                                Stop being a tryhard moron, enjoy the game, and don't give a fuck. If they fail your expectation, mute and report them. Dota is hard enough, dont make it worse.


                                                                                                  what would u do when u would see my 900 gpm smurf? would u toss the enemy mid into me? I also ask for 2 tangos, could u also toss 2 tangos to me?

                                                                                                  Bu yorum düzenlendi

                                                                                                    Yo ouueed up for some forum shitposting? We had a beef last time I saw you :D


                                                                                                      reminds me when some 4k shitlord told me that "you can have high gpm as support too and if you don't, you're doing something wrong"
                                                                                                      and proceeded to firstpick invoker mid and go 1-10