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General Discussionwhat's your worst day to spend alone?

what's your worst day to spend alone? in General Discussion

    For me, it's either birthday or thanksgiving.


      i'm in prison, so i'm never really alone

      only you can understand why

        friday and saturday evening


          Spending time alone every day is the best thing to do , what are you talking about?


            during day I am solo roaming, during night I hunt with my team
            except if they don't ban NS


              your funeral


                a day spent alone is definetely a holiday which by default makes it good


                  day when you met girlfriend xD

                  lost dedicated

                    Saturday evening

                    Dire Wolf

                      I wish I could spend any day alone, just one fucking day without people bugging me. It's like all I want for birthdays and christmas tbh.


                        your wedding night


                          because your wife died


                            I think Thanksgiving haha.

                            good pos 4 (VERY GOOD)

                              for me every day i can be completely alone is a gift


                                Happened to me during Christmas, All Saints' Day, New Year's, Valentines and my birthday, which happens to be on December, all in one year. Sucks pretty bad tbh, even as a habitual loner myself.

                                robert miles

                                  i love to stay alone home at weekends on sunny day can eat smoke anything watch movie


                                    Trick question, if it was possible to have a day where you were left alone it would be best day of year .

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