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Flayn the Fish Queen

    PS. Update.

    Hi guys.

    I can't believe this post is almost 4 years old. I made this post the last month that my mom was alive before she died of cancer and whenever I see this on the top page of the forums, I always remember the good times with my mom for some reason. Like positive reinforcement kind of shit. I'd like to thank you all for keeping this thread alive and to some weaker extent making me remember my mom when she was alive.

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      bad farm bad items bad hero damage with kunkka

      Player Unknown

        made space for spec to farm. as an avid spectre player i know how much that helps (Y)

        That's Numberwang!

          [Luna Game] strange item build (no bkb vs Riki and diffusal pl is questionable) but ultimately won the game through hero damage. Tower damage good, could maybe be a bit higher but considering you had a 3 core lineup it's fine


            you placed ONE ward in 37 minutes, enough said


              You kinda destroyed..... Not sure what to say xD

              Edit you won inspite of that terrible techies build....... Bad techies players tend to ruin games for their team

              Edit 1: V such is the joys of the 500 MMR bracket

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                Did decent, failed on the build.

                Not sure what the fuck was going on in that game anyway.


                  nice stomp and snowball game, great utility items

                  Venom of the Red Lotus

                    Good ol' damage build on BH instead of utility, most farm and pretty much carried the game alone.


                      it's been a while since i last saw a morphling stomp so hard, being so shadowed by other carries, wp.


                        Machine gun slark? Hope you had three moonshards before you got rapier. Would have been a sight to behold.


                          ez ogre game
                          i don't like tranquils but why not
                          orb of venom is recommended highly

                          its just weed wu

                            multicast! made a troll picker abandon, nice

                            edit: too late! next: sky support owned, even got a bloodstone!

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                              if you don't need the HP regen of heart, skadi offers similar / better survivability but also your illusions do better damage against buildings.

                              also you can sing enemies but have the song aoe out of range of the enemy towers so that the towers aren't invulnerable, allowing your illusions to hit them while your opponents can't do anything about them.

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                                Last picking is 4 pussies

                                  Won convincingly.


                                    I said QE sucks as an invoker build, he abandoned the game 5 minutes later.


                                      Those last hits at 45min guessing undying raped your face? CK pick was kinda bad im guessing they counter picked, probably should have told your team yo do an agressive tri offlane, least thenyou can stop their safelanes farm and get some pick off kills.

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                                          "SAY SOMETHING INSIGHTFUL" You seem to dislike me for some odd reason.... 300-400 GPM on a safelane morph though... Kappa.


                                            Hell yeah Bloodcyka! Nice stomp


                                              Decent itemisation, and it was pretty much a stomp.
                                              Gonna assume you guys just death-balled, and your items definitely helped for the teamfights.

                                              Bad Intentions

                                                Good tower damage on your last game but please remove blademail, that is already outdated :)

                                                You also played in captains mode

                                                Actually, im not sure how you lost that game, your sf is pretty farmed.

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                                                  Looks like you did your job as blood seeker ganking / creating space. You were number one reason your team won. Not sure how shadow blade synergizes with blood seeker but I am new to that hero so maybe it can work situationally.


                                                    id say you did a good job playing as bloodseeker, its one side stomp though so idk what to say anymore xD


                                                      ^ struggling cm in game where lycan out-rats tiny for some reason


                                                        MVP in your CM match, according to a good number of stats. You were against Team Anonymous though.

                                                        FREE KALYN PONGA

                                                          ^great kill contribution, 24 assists and also higher hero damage than the SF on your team.


                                                            ta stomping storm
                                                            but bad storm prolly
                                                            complete crush


                                                              Zues game,
                                                              refresher w/o aghs isn't really ideal.
                                                              Going bloodstone here was pretty bad.
                                                              Your team has a ton of magical damage, so having gone for a veil would have helped a lot, imo.

                                                              Mortimer Smith

                                                                U should healed more your teammates to win, learn from shadowfiend.

                                                                FREE KALYN PONGA

                                                                  nice farm, I can just imagine you pissing off the enemy team with naga illusions. Also that series of sniper stomps lmao.

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                                                                    nice kda, nice items, nice HD and TD, nice GPM and XPM, but the best thing is your match number!


                                                                      ^ great stats all around tho couldve gotten a little more then 129 cs

                                                                      low hero pool lul

                                                                        Nice farm, GPM, HD and TD.
                                                                        Maybe needed BKB.


                                                                          good decision getting manta for viper

                                                                          Escaping the Pool

                                                                            Spam more TA for 70% winrate


                                                                              Meepwnd! Even with a shitload of counters wp!


                                                                                Keep playing TA ur good at it

                                                                                girl problems

                                                                                  amazing utilisation of space made by thye qop, both farmed super well and also murdered shit, not even 1 in rocket though?


                                                                                    team fed at the beginning. Game startet to turn when you and legion got your key items.

                                                                                    Welt Aus Eis

                                                                                      Looks like you applied some slahsers way with success


                                                                                        Wow your last match was a month ago

                                                                                        But you played visage and seemed to carry the game well, by far the most hero and tower damage and stuff.
                                                                                        In general your team pushed way way better, probably NP had a huge role in that

                                                                                        low hero pool lul

                                                                                          Looks like you had a horrible game. No impact at all. Been in 13 out of 53 kills. 230 gpm, lowest HD. 14 deaths on top.


                                                                                            Insane farm and space through pushing lanes and towers. Good job


                                                                                              ursa op
                                                                                              i dislike dominator, there are better options
                                                                                              i like the silver edge buildup

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                                                                                                  u played 4 vs 5 but still managed to bomb the sheeet out of people nice


                                                                                                    + oni
                                                                                                    game was minute 90
                                                                                                    i had mjollnir and rapier
                                                                                                    techies had 3 rapiers
                                                                                                    but we died in the final fight
                                                                                                    and why should i buy orchid at minute 90 when i already have hex and enemy carry have bkb


                                                                                                      k above poster didn't do it properly soo

                                                                                                      @Beat the autism

                                                                                                      Nice, destroyed with Gyro
                                                                                                      Had huge tower damage and hero damage and nice skadi ^^

                                                                                                      PS Someone should make a thread about "Tell the commenter above what he did wrong in his last lost game"


                                                                                                        Ha, this one's easy: You abandoned.
                                                                                                        Seriously though, I can see a Hailrake WK, who used to be one of my favourites. Seems like you came back to finish the game as well.

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